About Us

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How We Help

Crisis Responders are available immediately to respond to requests for assistance from police officers, emergency service providers, or self-referrals by attending on-site or by telephone.

Our teams of trained crisis responders will:

  • Provide emotional support including answering questions and providing information that helps lessen the impact of the crisis.
  • Provide practical assistance as needed. This may include transportation and/or accompanying you to emergency services (i.e. a shelter or hospital), making phone calls upon request or other helpful tasks.
  • Provide you with appropriate, and helpful information relevant to your situation.
  • Provide referrals to services in the community that aids you in accessing resources for further assistance.
  • Assistance in identifying and gathering natural supports.
  • Encourage opportunity to talk and have your feelings validated.
  • Educate and empower.
  • Assistance in developing personal safety plans.

Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth is dedicated to providing short-term emotional support, practical assistance and referrals to long term services to victims of crime and tragic circumstance.