Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General: Family Law

The Family Law section of the Attorney General’s website has information and links to these Family Law topics: Common Law Relationships and Cohabitation Agreements Separation and Divorce Child Custody and Access Family Mediation, Collaborative Family And Alternative Dispute Resolution Child Support Payments Spousal Support Spousal Abuse/Child Abuse Seniors Help for Incapable Family Members Sample Courtroom…

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What do I do if I’m being sexually harassed?

If you think you are being sexually harassed, start keeping a written record of events. Write down: what happened when it happened where it happened what was said or done, and who said or did it who saw what happened, and what you did at that time Include the names of anyone you spoke with,…

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What to do when someone dies – Answers to common questions about what to do, and what support is available, when a loved one dies in Ontario.

http://www.ontario.ca/government/what-do-when-someone-dies Who to call first An expected death: call the doctor who was caring for the deceased person. An unexpected death: call emergency services first. No available doctor/emergency services in the area: contact the local coroner’s office. Unsure about the circumstances: contact the local coroner’s office or the Chief Coroner of Ontario. Chief Coroner of…

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