Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheet by MediaSmarts

Cybersquatting – Scammers may register a Web address that looks like it belongs to a legitimate business, or one that can easily be typed be accident when navigating to a legitimate Web site. Tools to use: Bookmarks, Content Filters Cookies – Small files your Browser saves on your computer. They often include data like your login and password.  Tools…

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Does your loved one wander? Project Lifesaver could help keep them safe.

Project Lifesaver helps families protect members who may wander or bolt. Typically individuals living with Alzheimer’s, autism, Down’s Syndrome, acquired brain injury or other types of cognitive impairments. These individuals can be equipped with a 1 ounce wrist transmitter that sends a radio signal which can be tracked up to a 2 kilometer radius. The…

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Beware of Door to Door Sales – Search the Ontario Consumer Beware List

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services maintains a searchable list of businesses that have either: not answered to the ministry after they were sent 2 notifications about a consumer complaint been charged or convicted in relation to the Consumer Protection Act or other acts of the ministry Go to this link to search the consumer beware list…

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Protect Your Digital Life – Two Steps Ahead Campaign

On the Internet, a password is like the key to your house – it keeps all of your things safe, from your streaming movies to your banking information. Usually, a username and password gives you access to your email, financial and health information, photos and videos, social networking sites and other accounts. These accounts contain…

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