The startling toll on children who witness domestic violence is just now being understood

The Sanchez brothers’ lives unraveled when alleged violence between their parents caused them to put their dreams on hold. Children who witness domestic violence at home have increased risks of PTSD, poor health and a far higher likelihood of depression. Sandy Hooper, USA TODAY Witnessing abuse carries the same risk of harm to children’s mental health and…

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Mental health support by text launches for kids across Canada

Almost a quarter of youth in pilot study texted about suicidal thoughts, Kids Help Phone says The Canadian Press · Posted: Nov 06, 2018 2:31 PM ET | Last Updated: November 6 Trained crisis volunteers at Kids Help Phone can now respond to young people seeking help by text, in addition to its existing phone and live…

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Understanding Consent

“Only 1 in 3 Canadians fully understand what sexual consent is.” So let’s talk about it. This animated video takes on a fun and simple approach to looking at consent; exploring what consent is and what it does and does not look like. Everyone should understand consent, so share this video and start the conversation….

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