Celebration of Life Month: How do you Celebrate Life?

The month of January signifies new beginnings. For many individuals, January can be more than the start of another year on the calendar. January is designated as the Celebration of Life Month. How do you celebrate life? Do you celebrate life?

Celebrate knowing who you are, what you stand for and where you want to be in order to gain more respect for yourself as you navigate through life. Self respect leads to respect for others.

Do you want to celebrate life everyday? Do three simple things regularly to celebrate your life:

1. Laugh – Find something funny that makes you laugh everyday. Laughter dissolves anxiety and heals the spirit. Find a place to laugh out loud and celebrate your life with a good cackle.

2. Write – Keep a daily record of the good things that have happened. You found a parking space, arrived early despite traffic, won a lawsuit, lost a pound – tally each victory, large and small – then celebrate to gain more to celebrate.

3. Learn – Discover a new word (azygous), a funny fact, a historical event; stay curious and keep learning. Increase your knowledge to celebrate your life. Remember, if you are not gaining intelligence you are losing intelligence.

Train yourself to celebrate life; appreciate that everything has a purpose and expect the best outcome. Both the good and the bad can bring reason for celebration. Even if every occasion does not warrant caviar and champagne, if you keep a smile on your face and a spirit of celebration, a glass of milk and one chocolate chip cookie can be a celebration.