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Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth offers various programs throughout its catchment area.  The programs are:

  • Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO)
  • Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP+)
  • Victim Quick Response Program for Human Trafficking (VQRP+-HT)
  • Family Court Support (FCSW)
  • Project Lifesaver (PLS)
  • Grief Counselling

Resources for Victims & People Who Support Them –

Services are Confidential and provided Free of charge

  • Providing immediate emotional and practical assistance
  • Attending on-site, at your home, hospital, police station or other safe location
  • Listening with complete confidentiality, understanding, and respect
  • Validating feelings of vulnerability, fear, violation, and shock
  • Encouraging empowerment by supporting individuals to regain control of the situation
  • Offering practical support
  • Referrals to long-term services offered by local community agencies.
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