Suicide Grief Support Group-Bruce/Grey

We are no longer able to offer this group due to lack of funding.

Bruce/Grey-Please contact VON 519-371-5331 ext 222.

Perth County-Please contact The Space Within (519) 275-2187 x2

This group was developed in response to the increase of suicides in Bruce and Grey counties and the lack of peer based services available to survivors. The program is facilitated by trained volunteers, receives no formal funding and therefore relies on donations.

The service is for individuals and families who have experienced the suicide of a loved one (often called suicide survivors) The Suicide Support Group combines education about suicide and bereavement with group discussion and support.

There are four goals for the Group:

  • To provide peer support for survivors as they deal with the complicated grieving process that occurs after a suicide death.
  • To educate survivors about suicide and the grieving process after a suicide, so they can better understand the complex factors that contribute to a suicide and the grief reactions that follow.
  • To reduce or prevent the problems that survivors sometimes experience after a suicide, including depression, anxiety, family conflict, and the possibility of additional suicide deaths.
  • To empower survivors to engage in support of survivors, social action or other activities so that they may prevent suicide, continue the memory of their loved one and/or enhance public knowledge/awareness regarding suicide.