Traumatic Loss Workshop with Jack Jordan – Friday November 21, 2014

Bereavement after the sudden, unexpected, and violent death of a loved one can create one of the most difficult loss trajectories. This workshop will provide an overview and update of the effects on individuals and families of traumatic deaths such as suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths. After a brief review of new bereavement models and research findings, we will use the twin lenses of thanatology and traumatology to understand the impact of this type of bereavement. We will also explore the implications of this perspective for assessment and intervention, focusing on new techniques that are developing for helping traumatized survivors.

While drawing primarily on the presenter’s extensive experience working with survivors of suicide loss, the information presented will have wide applicability to work with people who have lost a loved one to any type of sudden or violent death. The workshop will be informed by research and clinical experience, and will include the use of didactic lecture, case discussion, and audiovisual presentation.

 Learning Objectives – At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify several emerging theoretical developments in the way the mourning process is being understood
  2. Describe differences and similarities in trauma and complicated grief responses
  3. Identify prominent psychological themes that are common for individual and family survivors of traumatic loss
  4. Describe a foundational model for the roles of the grief counselor in working with traumatic grief
  5. Describe several promising new treatment techniques for complicated and traumatic grief

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