Give Help

Do you know what Victim Services does?

To apply for a volunteer position, please complete the online application form on our website, or call our office at 1-888-577-3111.

The application process includes an interview, reference checks, a criminal check and a Child Welfare check and 40+ hours of training.

Volunteers must make a one-year commitment to the program including 36-48 hours per month on-call.

On-call shifts run 24/7  and volunteers pick their own shifts to accommodate their own schedule. When called out to support a victim, you will assist victims on-scene with a partner or over the telephone and have access to a shift coordinator who manages the overall call.

Volunteers must also commit to attending a monthly volunteer meeting.

Volunteers are provided with opportunities for ongoing training, social events and other volunteer positions as they become available.

Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth follows the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement standards of practice:

  1. Mission-based approach – Volunteer involvement is aligned with organizational goals.
  2. Human Resources – Volunteers are valued and considered integral members of the team.
  3. Infrastructure for Volunteer Involvement – Policies and procedures provide the framework which defines volunteer involvement.
  4. Evaluation: Tracking, Measuring and Reporting –Standardized documentation, records management practices and procedures track and record volunteer involvement.
  5. Volunteer Roles and Recruitment – Meaningful volunteer involvement that reflects their skills, needs, interests and backgrounds and recruitment using broad strategies to attract diverse volunteers.
  6. Risk Management – Procedures in place to assess, manage and/or mitigate potential risks to volunteers, the organization, its clients, staff members, and participants.
  7. Screening – Volunteer screening is ongoing, integral and consistent.
  8. Orientation and Training – Designed to prepare volunteers for the work and is ongoing.
  9. Support and Supervision – Regular supervision with opportunities to offer and received feedback.
  10. Recognition: Valuing Volunteer Involvement – The value and impact of volunteer contributions are understood and acknowledged within the organization and communicated to the volunteer.

Thank you for your interest in Victim Services. We look forward to hearing from you!